Andrew Combs & Erin Rae with The Kernal
The Basement East
Mon, Feb 18 7:30 pm

Andrew Combs: Andrew Combs, a Dallas native now living near the same Nashville airport immortalized in the opening sequence of Robert Altman’s country music odyssey, is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and heir to that 1975 film’s idea of the Nashville troubadour as a kind of musical monk. Here in the twenty-first century whorl of digital narcissism, where identity can feel like a 24/7 social media soft-shoe performance, Combs makes music that does battle with the unsubtle. Like the pioneering color photographer William Eggleston, he sees the every day and the commonplace as the surest paths to transcendence, and he understands intuitively that what is most obvious is often studded with the sacred. Erin Rae: Erin Rae was born and raised in Tennessee, starting in Memphis, then to Jackson, and then at age 11 moved to Nashville, where she currently resides.  Music has always been a big part of Erin's life. Her father and mother played folk music around town in Jackson, TN, and she would join them whenever she was feeling brave enough. For her, playing music has always been about sharing something great with the people she loves, and connecting in such a unique way that is otherwise hard to come by. "I went to college for a semester, and loved it", she says, " but I came home for Christmas break, and played an open mic, and just really felt at peace; like I had found my tribe." Erin then decided to take the next semester off, and create her own curriculum of vocal and guitar lessons. She began working with vocal coach Phoebe Binkley, who has turned out to be a wonderful mentor and guide for the creative process. Some artists she has worked with thus far are, Jon Vesner, Ian Lincoln, Gabriel Kelley, Jo'shua Odine, Daniel Kirkwood, Tim Boucher, Cori LeCain, Ben Ewen, and numerous talented friends. She is currently in a band called The Meanwhiles, consisting of Cori Lecain and herself on vocals and guitar, and Graham Bechler on drums.  " If all that ever comes of playing music are the wonderful friendships I continue to experience, that will be more than enough." The Kernal: Based in the halfway point between two Tennessee music meccas, The Kernal is apart yet plugged into the fertile East Nashville music scene. A Southern gentleman with an old soul who is tied deeply to the legacy and showmanship of the wandering musician and the historic Grand Ole Opry, the Kernal will release his upcoming album, LIGHT COUNTRY, on March 3, 2017, on Alabama label Single Lock Records (John Paul White). Along with his band, the New Strangers, the Kernal tours the country with his home-grown brand of Southern mystique, including recent tours with friend and fan John Paul White.

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