Andre 3000 VS Big Boi
Mercy Lounge
Sat, May 20 9:00 pm

The hip-hop pairing of André 3000 (André Benjamin) and Big Boi (Antwan André Patton) in the duo OutKast, it once seemed, was made of necessity. André, the creative, musically gifted experimentalist, drew OutKast critical accolades while Big Boi provided street cred, a necessary ingredient for the hip-hop mainstream to take the group seriously. The cover of 2000's Stankonia illustrates their roles perfectly. Big Boi wears a plain white tee, gold chain announcing his affiliation with the Southern rap collective "Dungeon Family," hair relaxed, arms at his side. André poses shirt-off like a nouveau Jimi Hendrix, head cocked and hands out in a slightly effete, even effeminate, gesture, especially as he looks to be sucking in his stomach.
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