Acting for the Ageless
Williamson County Enrichment Center
Mon, Apr 22 9:00 am

Do you remember being a child and how much fun you had imagining you were someone else? Do you remember the secret dialogues you shared with your imaginary friends? Come do it again...with a whole group of people doing the same thing. Come find your “inner child” again! “Acting for the Ageless” lets you practice the art of improvisational acting...telling other's stories and listening while others tell yours. In this one-day workshop, we’ll: Talk about the art of acting and the structure of storytelling.  Write down the story we want to tell. Tell our stories to the group. Have lunch. Please bring a sack lunch. Cast your story and you will be an actor for someone else's. Rehearse the skits. Perform the skits for classmates. THERE IS NO MEMORIZATION REQUIRED IN THIS CLASS.

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