Enviromental Factors And Your Roof



Once you determine that you, indeed, need to install a roof system, you must consider the environmental factors that affect your roofs’ performance. Understanding these enemies will assist you in selecting the right system to meet the needs of your home. The end result of these enemies are interior damage and structural rot. Therefore, deteriorating roof systems only worsen and should be replaces as soon as possible. Please consider these enemies when choosing labor or material specifications for your roofing project:

antebellum roofing1. Sun: Heat and ultraviolet rays cause deterioration. Occurs faster on sides that face South or West.

2. Rain: Once underneath shingles and underlayment it can cause roof structure to rot. Extra moisture encourages mildew and rot elsewhere in a house including walls ceilings, floors, insulation, and electrical systems.

3. Wind: High winds can lift edges forcing water and debris inside.

4. Snow: Snow at overhangs thaw then refreeze, creating a dam which prohibits proper water drainage into gutters, allowing water to back up underneath roof coverings.

5. Condensation: Results from build up of warm, moisture-laden air. This moisture causes decay of the decking and the structure. Most commonly occurs when warm air rises out of your house into the attic and meets the cold air outside at roof deck causing condensation to cover and soak wood.

6. Moss & Algae: These enemies retain moisture that cause rot and deterioration. Algae is an airborne virus common in the hot and humid southern climate. To reduce the likelihood of these problems trim bushes or trees to reduce damp, shaded areas on your roof, and insist on algae resistant products..

7. Trees & Leaves: Tree branches touching roof surface can scratch and or gouge roofing materials. Leaves retain moisture which causes rot as well as causing dams that inhibit proper drainage.

8. Storm Damage: Mother Nature throws a variety of negative environmental influences on your roof system an its effectiveness. Tornadoes, wind storms an hail storm hit your roof every year. If you feel you may have storm damage call us we can negotiate with your insurance company to get a new roof at little or no cost to you.

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