Entrepreneurship Class Teaches Ravenwood
From WCS inFocus

From WCS inFocus

Ravenwood High students are learning real-world skills and earning class credit at the same time through the school’s entrepreneurship class.

The class, taught by Ravenwood High’s Shanee McGhee, has students creating business plans on paper and executing them in the school’s coffee shop and spirit wear store.

“We have this store here,” McGhee said. “Instead of just having them study companies that exist but have no relationship to them, I get to apply the lessons to the school store. They are part of the Ravenwood community; they can see how it affects the student body and make opinions on how it should be run. It gives them the opportunity to have something that’s close to them and look at it from the business standpoint.”

The class helps students develop their soft skills, like teamwork and communication, as well as makes them more comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions.

“It’s actual money,” said RHS junior Ava McWhorter. “This is a business. It’s very serious. We have to plan everything out, like who’s going to work what day. It creates responsibility and camaraderie.”