Eco Diva

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Eco Diva
founder and CEO Jody Norcio began her small business with not only the clientele in mind, but also the environment.

Founded in 2008 in Nashville, the idea behind Eco Diva was born out of a desire to create personal care products that were truly natural, chemical-free and affordable.

“Many of our clients have skin sensitivities, so we choose only pure and natural ingredients that are organic when possible, plant-based and biodegradable,” Norcio said. “Each ingredient is chosen with the environment in mind, and all of our products are created using strict sustainable practices in order to keep our eco-footprint at a minimum.”

“I never get tired of the success stories I hear from clients,” Norcio said. “And every day I am thankful to God to be able to do what I love most!”

Eco Diva also gives back to various charitable organizations by donating 10 percent of their sales. “We also donate our time in our community at different functions,” Norcio said. This includes handing bug spray to the homeless in downtown Nashville and donating similar products to missions teams all over the world.

You can find Eco Diva’s products at the Franklin Farmer’s Market every Saturday and they are now featured in 41 Kroger stores in the Greater Nashville and Knoxville areas as part of their local initiative. Eco Diva also has products in various boutiques around Nashville, including Herban Market in Franklin.

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