Today, millions of Christians celebrate Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. In addition to attending church services, Easter is often celebrated with Easter egg hunts and perhaps a visit from the Easter Bunny, traditions that can be traced to non-religious celebrations, reports

Eggs symbolize birth, which is why many historians believe the egg became an icon of Easter, to symbolize Jesus’ re-birth; whereas, the origins of the Easter Bunny are a bit more mysterious. Some historians believe German immigrants introduced Americans to the concept of the Easter Bunny in the 1700s.

Easter is also known as a day to indulge in chocolate bunnies, Cadbury eggs or Peeps. In fact, Americans spend billions on candy and chocolate each Easter. Here’s a look at how much Americans spent on Easter in 2017, as well as other interesting Easter statistics.

Fun Fact: This year is the first time in 73 years, Easter and April Fool’s Day share the same day.

Source: WalletHub