Drive-Thru Coffee House Opens in Downtown Franklin

Southerner's Coffee

As you plan your morning commute, you may want to add this new coffee shop to your itinerary. It’s called Southerner’s Coffee and it’s a drive-thru coffee shop housed in a trailer. It recently opened in Franklin at 328 5th Avenue North, next to Tiny Little Donuts.

Christian Sanchez, the owner/operator, moved to the area from Washington State where drive-thru coffee shops existed and he wanted to bring the concept to Franklin.

The coffee menu includes classic drinks like Americano, latte, cappuccino, mocha, hot chocolate, Italian soda, and hot teas. There are six specialty drinks on the menu from the “Daydreamer” to the “Muddy Chai.” So far, the favorite of customers is “The Southerner,” an espresso drink described as a muddy blend of Ghiradelli chocolate, praline syrup, topped with whip and drizzled with more sauce. Sanchez uses an organic blend of coffee beans from a company called Nother Mother.

Other items found on the menu include smoothies with flavors of strawberry, strawberry banana, strawberry lemonade, lemonade, mango, wild berry, peach-pear apricot, acai plus and more. Each smoothie is said to contain five servings of fruit in every 20 oz beverage.

Hours for the drive-thru coffee shop are Monday- Saturday 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. For the latest updates, visit the Southerner’s Coffee Facebook page.

Watch our video below where we stopped by to talk with Christian.