Your Dream Will Find Its Own Road

By: Diane Untz
Nashville Unleashed

Every dreamer who gets off the bus in this city has a unique story to tell, a strong motivator that pushed them over the edge to finally go for it, and a definite vision of how they want their dream to play out. “I will be successful when….” fill in the blank.

diane untzBut the dream has its own ideas and it can see way past what we can. It grows us up and teaches us things, over time, I believe. It may not always play out exactly how you think, but if you give it room to breathe and you don’t put it in a box, than often it can morph into something so much cooler than you first imagined.

When I was first coming up the music ranks here, I remember one of my closest friends, Fran Galloway (a producer at the time for CMT), saying to me: “you may decide you don’t even want a record deal”. I remember being totally taken back by that statement because at that moment in my life, that was the path I was on and I had total tunnel vision. I couldn’t imagine why in the world she would say that to me, especially because she was faithfully in my corner, but now I totally get it. She had a perspective that I didn’t have yet. Plus, she knew me pretty well.

Turns out, she was absolutely right. I did decide I didn’t want a record deal once I was in the midst of it all. I realized that the toll it was going to take on me, my marriage, and my life was not something I wanted to do. However, that is not true for the next dreamer. Some folks totally want that life and thrive in it.

Some of my close friends went on to be household names. Some of them got a good glimpse of the business and decided they would rather be holding the pen and creating the songs in publishing houses on Music Row. Other friends of mine decided they would be best suited behind a camera producing shows. Other friends went back home, armed with the experience they gained in Nashville, and built tremendous opportunities for kids in their home cities. Some of my friends are going into prisons and halfway houses and using music to make an impact. Jack and I built Nashville Unleashed where we have a chance to do what we love, just exactly the way we want to do it, and we get to make music with an incredible Roster of talent. This life is so much better suited for me than the earlier path I was on.

A lot of folks are surprised to learn that I’m a fan of ABC’s Nashville TV series. I find that interesting. Why wouldn’t I be? Jack & I haven’t missed an episode. We enjoy it. I think it paints some accurate pictures of the different highs and lows of our industry. Just because we don’t want to pursue our music in a similar way doesn’t mean that I’m not all for a friend doing it if that is the path they need to be on.

I think if a dream is put inside you, and you trust it, it will lead you down the right roads. Just because my road is different from yours, doesn’t mean one is right or wrong. It’s just “yours” and I’m happy for you when things all fall in place. Let the dream take you where it wants to go….it knows the way.

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Andrea has always loved the written word. She holds a B.A. in Journalism and a Masters in Creative Writing, both from Belmont University. Both sides of her family have lived in Williamson County for generations, so writing for Williamson Source is the perfect fit. She loves to hear stories of what Williamson County was like when her parents and grandparents were young and to write about this ever evolving county is truly special for her.