Downtown Franklin Boutique JONDIE is Looking for a New Location


Jondie, a locally owned women’s boutique on Main Street in downtown Franklin, will be on the move in 2022.

Rebecca Davis, owner of two Main Street businesses – Jondie and Mimi and Dottie – shared the news of Jondie looking for a new location in a social media post.

“The building that has been home to my boutique, JONDIE®, since 2016 recently sold. I was hopeful that the buyer would be happy to have a local, woman-owned business with a strong following as a tenant. When I went into the meeting with the new owner, I thought we would be discussing renewing my lease, but instead, they informed me that they will be using the entire building as their offices and that they will not be renewing my lease. I am heartbroken and devastated.”

Jondie will have to find a new location for the boutique in February 2022. They are currently searching for a new location. The boutique got its start in 2008 as a shelf in a co-op in Franklin to now having a storefront on Main Street.

“If you are not familiar with my story, I started my business as a second job while I was a full-time creative director/designer and mom. It began with a $2000 investment on a 6×8 foot shelf in a co-op gift shop in Franklin in 2008. JONDIE is my biggest store and Mimi & Dottie is the sister store in a much smaller space across the street. This month we are launching a new brand and retail concept, Seventeen Stars, as a pop-up in our design and photography studio on 4th Avenue. An exciting time has been overshadowed by the gut wrenching knowledge that we will be moving in February.”

Davis ended by saying, “JONDIE will be open into the new year! We have so much merchandise in store and also on the way, so please shop with us at 412 Main Street in Franklin, TN. We are not experiencing supply chain issues, so we will have lots of things to choose from!”

In January, we reported two buildings on Main Street were on the market at 412 and 414 Main Street which houses JONDIE and McCreary’s Pub.


  1. I’m so sad for Rebecca and all the ladies that have shopped at Jondie and with Rebecca since the beginning. I HATE that this will be office space! What a waste on a super cool store front on Main Street. Bad decision!

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