Dotson’s Restaurant Demolished

dotson's restaurant

An iconic Franklin landmark is officially gone. Earlier this week, Dotson’s Restaurant, located at 99 E Main St in downtown Franklin, was demolished. The video below was posted by the City of Franklin Facebook Page.

Dotson’s closed its doors on Dec 30, 2014. The Dotson’s sign remained until February 2016 and then was removed. A┬ánearly 40,000 square foot building that will include office space, retail storefronts and a rooftop restaurant offering about 100 seats will be built on the site formerly occupied by Dotson’s Restaurant and later Metro Spy Supply.

We know many of you have fond memories of Dotson’s – we want to hear them! Comment with your Dotson’s stories and photos.


  1. Met so many people there… The waitresses were always so nice. My son worked in the kitchen a year while in high school… it was always the place to go for a meat & three and awesome meringue pie..I remember the last time I ate there and coach Gamble (Howard Gamble) was there and ask Calvin and I to sit with him. Shared great high school memories….. another part of our beloved Franklin fading away…

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