Don’t Blow the New Stop Sign at the Galleria Mall Entrance on Black Friday

Long the source of confusion at the southern entrance to the Galleria Mall off Mallory Station Road, a two-way stop is now a three-way stop.

Incoming mall traffic on South Springs Drive, previously given the right-of-way, now must stop. Confusion in the past may have been in part due to a white stop-like stripe there on the road without a sign, or the natural tendency to stop at a T-shaped

“The all-way stop intersection at the south end of the mall is new in association with the revisions on this part of the property,” Milissa Reierson, communications manager for the city of Franklin, said. “The south end entrance intersection- South Springs Drive at Ring Road– is now controlled in the same manner as the north end entrance intersection– Galleria Boulevard –, as the two high-volume entrances to the mall.”

The two in-between entrances off Mallory, as always, give yield signs to incoming traffic.

“The yield signs are appropriate where the entrance intersections carry low to moderate volumes of traffic,” Reierson said.

Maintenance of the traffic signage on mall property, it should be noted, is the responsibility of the mall, owned by CBL Properties. Any brush, growth or damage to the signage or the posts holding them up is the responsibility of the mall management.