donna's deals

If you have never shopped the Dollar Store, you are missing out on some great deals. Before you start your next DIY project, check the Dollar Store first. Here are 7 items that you will most likely find at the Dollar Store as shown on the Passionate Penny Pincher.

Floral Picks & Berries
If you are making a wreath or a centerpiece. You must check here first before shopping at other stores.


Mason Jars, Glass Vases & Glass Jars
One of the things I use most often in changing up the mantle or table decor are small glass jars. In fact, every time I walk in the Dollar Tree I make a beeline for the glassware aisle (I’m like a kid in a candy store when I’m there!)

Pots & Tins
Use pots and tins to organize a desk area and cut down clutter. Do you have a silhouette cutter? (I love mine!) Customize a pot or tin with a monogram ~ chalkboard stickers work great too. These candy-colored guys will add a little splash of color to a shelf display, or make them match your decor with spray paint.

Inexpensive plastic frames are easy to transform with spray paint to coordinate with your wall collage – and no one will be able to tell those frames are just a buck.

Project Boards
They’re great for making signs and kids craft projects, and you can’t beat snatching them up for a buck.

Craft Foam Wreaths & Balls
Watch for craft foam and even small grapevine wreaths too. (In a pinch – a pool noodle can work as a wreath base as well!)

Ribbons, Twine, Glue Guns & Washi Tape
Craft stores can often charge far more than $1 for twine and tape. Stock up on these items when you see them at the Dollar Store.


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