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After the snowfall,comes a car which is covered in a film of dirt and not to mention the salt that we can’t see on our car.  With weather coming back to the 60s,we thought we would do a comparison on whether  a car wash or home wash is the best option.

Conserving Water

First,let’s talk about the amount of water used in a car wash versus a home wash. The typical home wash uses up to 77 gallons of water versus 11 gallons of water used at a car wash.




Hand Washing Can Damage Your Car 


When using the hand wash method, people usually use garden hoses, buckets, brushes, sponges, towels and other cleaning items usually found at home. Washing your car with these cleaning materials actually scratch and ruin the paint of your car. A study done showed that hand washing your car at home can actually produce scratches that penetrate to as much as one-tenth of an inch of the total thickness of the car’s paint. This can be pretty disappointing and depressing news for car owners who put so much tender loving care into hand washing their own cars.

Garden hoses and buckets don’t produce enough volume of water which can damage the car’s finish. Dirt and other debris and particles that fall into the water in the buckets can also scratch your car’s paint. Sponges are a major culprit in scratching your car as well since dirt and sand particles get stick in the tiny holes of its porous body and usually stay there even when you wash and clean the sponge. Same goes for towels and towels can be rougher than sponges to begin with.

Water Pollution 

When you wash your car at home, the soap along with the grease and tar ends up running off your driveway into a storm drain intended only for rain water.

This pollution can end up in groundwater, lakes, rivers, and streams and hurt the wildlife found therein. When detergents and soaps get into streams, they destroy the layer of mucus on fish scales that protects fish from bacteria and pesticides.

Car washes are required by law to dispose of their waste water.

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