Donna’s Deals: 7 Tips on How to Save on Apple Products

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If you looking to buy a phone, iPad or Mac laptop,we’re talking about a hefty investment whether for you or a family member. And since Apple products seem to be on everyone’s list, we found a few tips on how to save money when making your next purchase.


Watch for the promo specials

Apple products have a set retail price, however different retail stores will offer promo specials. Currently at Best Buy they are offering the iPhone 6s for $199 with a two year contract at Verizon. To purchase the phone without a contract is $799.

Make sure the numbers add up

As with any deal, you have to take a look at the numbers to make sure it makes sense. Check out this tool at the  Wall Street Journal where you can do a comparison of all mobile phone companies packages and plans.

Trade-in Your Old Devices

You will be given a credit toward your new purchase. Visit the Apple website for the latest offering on upgrading and trade-in values.

Buy Used

If you are unable to find a promo and want to purchase a phone for your child, consider buying a used one. The older technology is less expensive and if gets lost or damaged you are not out $799 for a new iPhone 6.

Keep Track of Sales

Retailers will put Apple products on sale. Target offered the Apple watch last week for $236. Best Buy’s price for the Apple watch is $249 this week.

Save your Purchase for Tax Free Weekend

Right after school starts in August, Tennessee offers tax free weekend where you can save on the purchase of a laptop and other technology items. Those savings can add up quickly.

Students and Teachers receive a 8% discount at MAC Education store. 

Sign into the Mac Education store with your child’s school and get discounted savings on Mac products.


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