Donna’s Deals: 7 Secrets to Shopping at Walmart


Shoppers tend to loyal to one box store or another.  If your first choice isn’t Walmart, take a look at these shopping hacks, you might want to consider Walmart the next time you head out for your shopping trip. We found these ten secrets to shopping at Walmart at Passionate Penny Pincher.

Shop Walmart late at night or early in the morning.

Walmart stores are open overnight, the entire store is cleaned out and shelves are restocked at that time of day. There’s no waiting in checkout lines, store employees are everywhere as they reset the store for the day, and you can easily navigate the store in literally half the time it would take later in the day.

Shop “Great Value” or “Equate” brands.

The Walmart in store brand, Great Value products in the grocery section is offered on just about everything. On plastic storage bags the Hefty bags are 10¢ per bag compared to Great Value brands priced at 5¢ per bag ~ just by choosing the store brand you’ll save 50%, no coupon clipping or sale shopping required.

Use the Walmart Savings Catcher App 

Walmart’s Savings Catcher App allows you to shop Walmart and let them do the price matching for you. Basically, after you shop, you enter your receipt in the app, and within 7 days you’ll be updated as to whether or not other store prices were lower. If they were, you’ll get a Walmart gift card including the price difference.

Don’t Miss the Additional Ibotta Savings 

Ibotta offers rebates on everyday items. Be sure to download the app 

Price Check items with Your Amazon App

To make sure you are always getting a great deal, use the Amazon App to compare prices. You can also use the app at other stores as well. It takes the guess work out of whether or not it’s a good price.

Shop for Party Supplies at Walmart 

The Dollar Tree is a typical go-to for party supplies.  But if you haven’t been to Walmart lately, they have birthday day cards for 47 cents, gift bags for 33 cents and plates for just 97 cents- all lower prices than the Dollar Tree.

Check out the Seasonal Produce 

Walmart will offer deep discounts on produce. You can find a fresh pineapple for $1 along with strawberries.  Don’t forget you can always price match fresh produce prices at Walmart with Aldi.