Donna’s Deals: 5 Ways to Save Money at Kroger



Grocery shopping is on our to-do list for some of us weekly,or if you have teenagers it might be a bi-weekly event. According to the National Retail Federation,Kroger is the second largest retailer in America.  Keeping that in mind,we have these seven tips on how to save money at Kroger.

1.Get the Kroger Card

It saves money on sale items in the store. When you have the Kroger card,you can also score savings with digital coupons as well.

2. Take advantage of the Friday Free download

Every Friday,customers can download a coupon for a free item in the store. Once you have downloaded the coupon,you have two weeks to redeem it. Create an account at and simply visit this page to see the Friday coupon.

3.Make your Fuel Points count

When using your Kroger card,you earn one fuel point for every dollar you spend.  To double your fuel points,purchase gift cards at Kroger. Fuel points can be redeemed at participating Shell gas stations.  See more information about the fuel points here. 

4.Utilize Websites like Kroger Krazy

On this website,blogger Katie takes you through the best deals of the week at Kroger. Kroger Krazy also shows you the latest coupon match -ups as well.

5.Don’t Throw Away Catalinas

Catalinas are the printed coupons that you receive with your receipt at Kroger.  They are easy to wad up with your receipt and never to be found again.  But take a second look,those coupons are printed based on your buying habits.  Be sure to take a second look next time you receive one.


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