Donna’s Deals: 5 Tips for Shopping at Michaels


If you are looking to complete spring projects, decorate for the upcoming holidays or try a new DIY project, you’ve probably got Michaels on your list to visit. Here are 5 ways to save money on your next visit.

  1. Look online for coupons.  I will confess to standing in the checkout line with a purchase and searching the website on my phone for a coupon. It’s saved me money practically every visit.
  2. Use the Michaels app. Like most stores, Michaels has an app you can download which will show you the latest coupons, find the availability of items and get project ideas.
  3. They Accept Competitor’s Coupons.  Here are the guidelines – The coupon is for a specific item at a specific price (for example, a pair of all-purpose scissors for $9.99); or
    The coupon is for up to 60% off any one regular price item; or
    The coupon is for up to 30% off your entire regular price purchase
    It has a valid expiration date
    It is being redeemed in a geographically eligible area (e.g. competitor has a location within the same area as the store the coupon is being presented)

  4. Utilize the Online Classes. If a class you want to attend isn’t on the local store schedule, you can find over 1,000 classes online here and often these classes will be offered at a discount.
  5. Shop the Dollar Bin. In the front of the stores, the dollar bin items will often go on sale. You will find seasonal items, art supplies, decorated muffin liners, stationary and more that you can use for parties.

Don’t forget to shop for seasonal decor at Michaels. Often even before it gets close to the holiday, they will already be offering items at a savings of up to 50 percent or more.