Donna’s Deals: 5 Things to Buy at Target’s Dollar Spot


If you are like us, it’s hard to pass the bins at the front of Target (known as Target’s Dollar Spot or Bullseye’s Playground) without grabbing something. Just to clarify, everything in the area in the front of the store isn’t a dollar but typically no more than five dollars. The Krazy Coupon Lady did a comparison of five things you can purchase in the dollar bin area that says you money.

Headphones – You can purchase a pair of headphones for $5 instead of $19.99 in the electronics section of the store – a savings of about 80 percent. This is great for kids who may drop or leave headphones at who knows where.

iPhone Cases – For the teenager who likes to change their iPhone cover just as much as their clothes, the $5 cases found in the dollar bin make it easy to have one for each day of the week. The price in the electronics section is about $14.99.

USB Cables – Another huge saving on USB cables can be found in the dollar bin-compare $5 to Belkin cable $19.99.

Party Straws – The striped straws used for parties and decorations can be found for just $1 that makes them 8 cents each instead of 15 cents when purchased in the party section.

Sidewalk chalk – You can purchase a bullseye package of sidewalk chalk for just $1 compared to $3.99 for a different brand of chalk found in the toy section.