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This year, Valentine’s Day conveniently falls during the weekend, so you can celebrate the holiday all weekend long. To save you money this Valentine’s weekend, we have some great ideas for a perfect stay-at-home Valentine’s date.


1.Book a Reservation at Home -With a hectic week,staying in to cook may be just want you need this weekend. Create a special menu that you only serve on Valentine’s Day.

2.Have a Picnic Indoors -Heat up the fireplace and  put a blanket on the floor for an indoor picnic.

3.Take a Trip Down Memory Lane – Look at old photos and talk about old times. You can even print some of your favorites from your computer.

4.Create Your Own Spa at Home – Hot  towels,bath bombs and face masks can you can easily have your own spa.

5.Netflix Marathon – Order a pizza while you watch that Netflix series that you’ve putting off starting because there is never enough time.


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