Donna’s Deals: 5 Hacks for Shopping at Nordstrom Rack

Nordstrom Rack in Brentwood in the Brentwood Place Shopping Center

Do you know you can shop for Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Vince, and other high-end designers at Nordstrom Rack in the Brentwood Place Shopping Center? At Nordstrom Rack, they carry many of the same designers you would find at Nordstrom and is a bargain shopper’s dream. We found these tips for shopping at Nordstrom Rack over at The Krazy Coupon Lady, keep reading and then share with us all of your incredible deals.

1. Learn the Shipment Days – Ask a sales associate which day of the week the store receives new merchandise shipments. Be sure to arrive when the store opens on those shipment days. The early shopper can score a Burberry wedge espadrille for half-price.

2.Get to Know the Sales Associates – Make friends with a sales associate who shares your sense of style. On new merchandise days, go ahead and ask your favorite sales associate what they think are the best pieces in the new shipment of merchandise.

3.Items Often Get Misplaced – You have to be willing to spend more time looking through all sizes instead of just your own. You can often find items in the wrong area or placed in the wrong size. Those Jimmy Choo shoes you were eyeing might end up in the wrong box.

4.Ask About Ordering Your Size – If you fall in love with a pair of shoes or a dress, but the stores don’t have your size, ask a sales associate about ordering one for you.

5. Be a Savvy Shopper – Understand that even though this is a discount store, the prices may not always be the best deal. By using the website ShopStyle, you can price compare an item.

Nordstrom Rack is located at 330 Franklin Road, Brentwood. Hours of operation are Monday – Saturday, 10 a – 9 p, Sunday 11 a – 7 p.