Ordering at Starbucks can be intimidating and often expensive.  We found these great tips over at Krazy Coupon Lady on how to save money when ordering your coffee.


1. Skip the Venti and pocket $0.50

Want to optimize your caffeine to coffee ratio? The Grande has the same amount of espresso as the Venti (2 shots, or 150 mg) when you order hot beverages.

2. Craving Chai? Opt to get a Chai tea instead of a Chai tea latte—you get free refills and you’ll save $1.20.

A little effort on your part and you can bag the savings and some tranquili-tea. It’s a little like your bestie let you borrow her Jimmy Choos. Only you can drink them. Simply ask for hot water at the counter.

3. Share a French press and bank $2.10.

If Starbucks offered a bulk deal for coffee fans, this would be it! It’s perfect for sipping with company; share the pot and you get a lot more coffee (to the tune of two grande cups of drip coffee at 16 oz each).

4. Download the Starbucks app for freebies and rewards.

5. Get a Grande cup for your Tall drip coffee and save up to $0.30.

More than just the cost savings, when you go this route, you also have room in your cup to add cream and sweetener without spilling all over your cute suit (or your car).

6. Save $0.58 when you ask for light ice in your iced coffee.

Also, Iced Coffee comes sweetened with Classic Syrup. For no extra cost you can switch out the classic syrup for Mocha or White Mocha to make a mocha drink for half the price, just add milk at the counter.

7. Bring your own cup and keep $0.10.

8. Split a Venti and save $2.05.

It’s cheaper to order the Venti than two smaller drinks. How much caffeine and shenanigans do you need, anyway?

9. Ask for $0.50 refills on drip coffee and iced tea (hot tea refills are free!).

10. Order a ‘Short’ latte and save $0.80

These fun-sized drinks (8 oz. versus a 12 oz. Tall) contain the same amount of caffeine for less money (you get less milk-to-espresso)!

11. Order tea “without water” and save $2.25

That’s because you get extra-concentrated tea, for more oomph (we like oomph). Also, if you order tea without water in a double cup and ask for an ice water on the side, you can score half price tea (two teas is better than one)!

12. Score a Puppychino free

Bring in your four-legged bestie and you’re winning at treats.

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