By Heather Listhartke

When people go through mood swings or moments of abnormal behavior, many people, professionals included, suspect hormone imbalances, especially with females.

A hormone imbalance can cause a ton of other symptoms from weight gain and fatigue to mood swings and poor fitness. While some medical professions pass this off as everyday normal behavior, others have found that hormone therapy to balance out levels not only increases energy and leads to increased fitness levels, but also evens out mood, metabolism, and general health. Hormone therapy has been used for weight loss and anti-aging treatments.

Many medical facilities, like Premier Age Management, pair bio-identical hormone therapy treatments with a holistic health plan that focuses on good nutrition, increased fitness, and healthy lifestyle choices in order to increase results.

Some may think hormone therapy is just for women, but men use it too. For men, it means balancing testosterone levels. As we age, we naturally tend to have less testosterone levels. This can not only make us look older, but also feel older than we actually are. After age 30, these levels tend to decrease one percent every year. Testosterone Hormone Therapy replaces these lost hormones by administering new testosterone that is an exact match to the ones that we already produce. The restoration of these hormones means that you look and feel younger, but also makes it easier to lose weight, build muscles, improve sex drive and performance, as well as general emotional and mental health.

For women, bio-identical hormone therapy means balancing women’s levels of all major hormones – estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone with hormones that are an exact replica of what our bodies already produce. Like testosterone levels in men, it is completely natural for women to experience reduced hormone levels in all of their natural hormones as they grow older.

Estrogen in females helps to control our cycle as well as create our feminine shape. It also is attributed to smoother skin, sexual health, and normal bodily functions including physical endurance and mood regulation. Low estrogen in females leads to lower immune regulation. It also leads to decreased hair growth.

Progesterone on the other hand also regulates our cycles and the symptoms that may accompany it. It also protects our heart and bone health as well as fights cancer. It helps us find peaceful moments and have generally healthy emotions. If women are low in progesterone, you can often retain water, have a more aggressive disposition, and typically have higher lower-body obesity.

Finally, testosterone in women works the same way that it does with men by contributing to general health and libido increases. It also is the key hormone in regulating the effects of aging. Lower testosterone can lead to a higher body mass and decline in bone health.

No matter your gender, you can have a hormonal imbalance that will cause you to age faster, looking and feeling much older than you actually are. This is fairly easy to treat with regular injections under the skin of the bio-identical hormones about every four months though this varies person to person. It’s a nearly painless experience and well worth feeling and looking younger.

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