food allergies

Over the last several decades, food allergies and intolerances have become more prevalent. Studies throughout the medical field have shown that they are increasing. For many years, in an effort to curb allergies, many pediatricians recommended that parents delay introducing certain foods to their children, but more recently, many pediatricians say it is best to introduce the foods as early as possible to prevent the chance of children developing allergies. However, no matter when certain foods are introduced to children, food allergies aren’t always immediately apparent, and they can develop over time. My family has had experience with this, as my mom who once wasn’t allergic to bees, now will go into anaphylaxis, and I developed lactose intolerance in college but never had issues in my childhood.

When you think of symptoms related to food allergies, you may think of things like skin rashes, respiratory issues and even anaphylaxis, which can be more serious and potentially life-threatening. While those are all legitimate symptoms, other symptoms that point to a food allergy or intolerance include feeling fatigued, bloated, tired, having chronic headaches and even having trouble losing weight. These symptoms could present themselves within minutes to several hours after eating the food to which you are allergic or have an intolerance to.

If you’ve experienced the symptoms above after eating, a great alternative to traditional food allergy testing is the ALCAT Test. The ALCAT Test identifies cellular reactions to over 350 foods, chemicals and herbs.Tracing a potential food sensitivity is critical for those who do not suffer from full-blown allergies, yet still experience a variety of food intolerance symptoms throughout their daily lives. These inflammatory reactions are linked to chronic health problems like obesity and diabetes, as well as skin, heart, joint, and digestive disorders.The ALCAT Test can also help patients lose weight, relieve fibromyalgia, quell gastrointestinal issues, and much more.

Let Premier help determine your food intolerance with a simple blood test, and start feeling better. They can test up to 350 different food intolerances, including many different molds, preservatives, and herbs, that you may be consuming every day and not realizing your body does not properly digest or cannot tolerate.

Call Premier Age Management today at 615-649-9600 to set up a consultation. They have two convenient locations – Brentwood at 229 Ward Circle, Suite A-23 and in Hendersonville at 115 Hazel Path #1. Learn more about their services at




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