During the Spring Hill Fire Department’s live burn practice of a house on Duplex Road, a crew from The Discovery Channel’s documentary series “Body Hack” filmed an upcoming episode, announced the city of Spring Hill on their Facebook Page.

According to the post:

“In Body Hack, the presenter Todd Sampson ’embarks on an epic exploration investigating some of the world’s most extraordinary people,’ according to Discovery’s producer of the show. “Using science as his guide, Todd deconstructs and decodes how these incredible people live and how their bodies have adapted to extremes in environment and cultural practice. Filmed around the world, in the first series Todd faced a myriad of challenges, including living as a hunter-gatherer in Tanzania, stepping into the ring as a professional MMA Cage Fighter in New Mexico; overcoming injury to train with the notorious French Foreign Legion deep in the tropical jungle of French Guiana; and working as a Himalayan Sherpa at extreme altitude.” You can see a trailer to the first series here.

“Discovery is currently working on a series exploring the limits of human heat stress. Studies have shown that firefighters are so well-adapted to heat they are less likely to collapse from heat exhaustion than endurance athletes, and have a much higher mental capacity to continue performing even under extreme heat stress – a protective adaptation not seen in other people. In addition, Discovery is hoping to explore the protective effects of camaraderie and teamwork as well as the chemistry basics of fire and fighting fire.”

The post closed by saying that when the city knows when the episode will air, it would let the public know.



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