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At Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood, we make it easy to get on the course with a large variety of discs at prices that fit every budget!

Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood buys and sells NEW and gently used disc golf discs, target baskets and carrying bags for use in disc golf. We carry disc golf products by Innova, Discraft, Prodigy, Dynamic Discs, Westside Discs and Disc Mania.

If you are new to the sport, disc golf is a flying disc sport in which players throw a disc at a target; it is played using rules similar to golf. It is usually played on a course with 9 or 18 holes. Players complete a hole by throwing a disc from a tee area toward a target, throwing again from where the previous throw landed, until the target is reached. Usually, the number of throws a player uses to reach each target are tallied (often in relation to par), and players seek to complete each hole in the lowest number of total throws.

Types of Discs Available at Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood

Distance Drivers and Highlighted Discs:

Recognized by their sharp, beveled edge and have most of their mass concentrated on the outer rim of the disc rather than distributed equally throughout. *** Designed for maximum distance off the tee *** Provide the greatest range, speed, glide and control possible

Innova Star Mamba

Innova Star Disc Golf

Designed to give maximum distance for minimal effort. A great choice for anhyzer tailwind drives.
* Plastic: STAR (high tier)
* Type: Distance Driver
* Price: $17.99

Paige Pierce Z Undertaker


This straight flier fills many needs for many different skill levels. Great glide, smooth finish, nice grip, big wins
* Plastic: Z Plastic (Mid tier)
* Type: Distance Driver
* Price: $19.99

Discraft Paul Mcbeth Prototype

Paul McBeth Prototype

Beginners may find this disc to be overstable, but more advanced players will find the Anax goes straight for a long time, maximizing it’s 6 glide rating to the fullest before fading out at the end of the flight
* Plastic: ESP (higher tier)
* Type: Distance Driver
* Price: $19.99

Fairway Drivers and Highlighted Disc:

Dependable distance control for consistent fairway driving *** Valuable discs for shorter controlled drives and long approaches *** Easier for beginners to use than distance drivers *** Help to increase confidence through added control and consistency

Prodigy F1

Prodigy F1 Disc golf

Prodigy’s overstable driver. Good for windy conditions and tomahawk/thumber throws
* Plastic: 400
*Type: Fairway Driver
* Price: $15.99

Midrange Discs and Highlighted Discs:

Featuring a dull, beveled edge and a moderate rim width. *** More control than drivers, but they have a smaller range *** Designed to provide accuracy and control for mid-range shots, approaches and short drives *** Dependability from fairway to chains *** Versatile discs that can perform a wide variety of shots

Prodigy M4

Prodigy M4 disc golf

Extremely reliable understable midrange disc. It is designed for all players and flies extremely far for a midrange.
* Plastic: 400 (Mid tier)
* Type: Midrange
* Price: $15.99

Putt and Approach and Highlighted Discs: Designed to fly straight, predictably, and very slowly compared to mid-range discs and drivers. *** Dependable, accurate, and confidence inspiring putts *** Ideal for executing controlled upshots, short drives and “go for it” shots

Innova Aviar

Innova Aviar disc golf

The Aviar is the most popular golf disc ever produced
* Plastic: DX (lower tier)
* Type: Putter & Approach
* Price: $8.99

Dynamic Disc Classic Judge

Classic Judge disc golf

It is incredibly predictable in flying and hitting the chains. It is a fantastic throwing putter that will fly straight and glide for amazing distances.
* Plastic: Burst (Lower tier)
* Type: Putter & Approach
* Price: $12.99

Prodigy Chris Dickerson Signature Pa-3

Signature Pa3 disc golf

Aim straight at the basket and nail your putts and approaches with a laser straight, stable flight path. The PA-3 features a beaded rim, and is a favorite for disc golfers of all skill levels.
* Plastic: 300 (Lower tier)
* Type: Putter & Approach
* Price: $19.99

Featured Disc Carrying Bags Available at Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood:

Prodigy BP-4 Backpack

BP-4 Backpack disc golf

The BP-4 is made of a high-quality 600D Polyester material and is reinforced with rubber piping along the front. It holds 16-18 discs in the main compartment with an optional divider. The putter pocket holds an additional two putters. *$19.99

Innova Super Heropack

Super Heropack disc golf bag

The Super HeroPack is a premium backpack disc golf bag for players who are serious about organization and style. It’s spacious too. The Super HeroPack holds up to 25 discs and has roomy side pockets to store the extra gear you need. *$149.99

Unique Portable Disc Target Baskets Available at Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood:

NEW Westside Discs Weekender 2 Disc Golf Basket; Regularly $79.99

Practice Basket disc golf

*** Lightweight practice basket: Twelve Chain Sets * Easy to assemble * Conveniently Portable

FREE Disc Golf Courses in Our Area:

* Crocket Park Disc Golf Course, Brentwood, TN: 1500 Volunteer Parkway, Brentwood, TN 37027

* Cane Ridge Disc Golf, Antioch, TN 37013

* 7 Oaks Disc Golf Park, 3474 McGavock Pk, Nashville, TN 37217

* Cedar Hill Disc Golf Course, 860 Old Hickory Blvd, Madison, TN 37115

* Liberty Park Disc Golf Course, 1669 McEwen Drive, Franklin, TN:

And, download UDISC before you play! UDISC is an app that rates courses and identifies where each tee is located. The app is updated regularly as courses change their tee locations frequently.

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