Did You Know Winter Can Cause Serious Damage To Your Roof?

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Whether you see the damage or not, winter has a way of causing issues with roofs. There are a variety of ways your roof may be affected by winter weather and it’s important to plan for routine inspections as a preventative measure. Let’s take a look at a few of the ways winter can sneak up, cause issues and see what you can do to prevent damage.

Ice And Snow Damming

This occurs when there’s a difference in temperature across your roof during winter chills and snowstorms. As the interior of your roof space is heated, snow and ice will melt and cause runoff. As the water streams down to cooler sections of your roof, it will refreeze and create a dam. Further runoff will collect behind this dam and stay in warmed parts of your roof causing water to collect. As this water collects it causes damage to your roof and may seep through to the attic and interior space of your home.

The best prevention against ice dams is to winterize your roof. Install ventilation features to equalize the temperatures across your roof or consider installing insulation to keep warmer air in your interior space and keep the temperatures across your roof more equal.

Rust On Exterior Components

Snow damming may lead to further issues if the water pools around roof features such as vents and chimneys. Not only is there a risk of water draining into the interior below, but a lot of these components also use metal to protect roofing material. Water and metal don’t mix well and you run the risk of rust and deterioration of these materials. This can lead to further damage.

If the metal trim deteriorates enough, water may leak into your attic and make its way to your interior space adding to the cost of damage.

Strong Winds

If your roof isn’t in the best shape, strong winds can cause big-time damage. Water runoff and refreezing can add extra weight to your roof and add pressure to individual shingles. Tiles are susceptible to this type of damage too. Strong winds have a way of pulling shingles that are no longer properly attached or suffering from curling, warping, and lifting.

Winter Storms And Your Trees

Another potential hazard of winter storms are falling trees and debris. Both can cause serious damage, but may also cause light damage. These types of damages are cumulative and may create an avalanche of future damage. Checking for potential debris and other objects landing on your roof can help you locate potential trouble spots ahead of more serious damage.

Your best bet is to keep your trees trimmed and away from your home as much as possible. If you can’t move your trees, plan on more frequent inspections to keep everything in check.

An Ounce Of Prevention Goes A Long Way

Winter weather is a serious issue, but it’s not the only concerning season of the year. Spring showers and summer heat may also cause damage or make issues worse. It’s worth your time to reach out to your roofing professional and make sure everything is set as the weather worsens.

The best way to protect against winter weather is to plan for regular inspection. As winter nears its end, schedule a professional to come out and look for potential issues and trouble spots. These inspections may find minor issues that lead to bigger issues down the road and the potential to save money is huge! You don’t want to repair your roof and cover the expenses for damage to the attic or interior of your home at the same time.

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