Detailing 101: Wash And Dry

MILES Auto Spa

As the weather finally begins to warm up and winter’s grip allows for the Sunday drives to get a little bit longer, owners must get their cars cleaned up and ready to show off on Main Street. Getting your car cleaned up and ready for spring starts with the basics, a simple wash and dry.

When washing your car, there are a few key things to remember to maximize your cars brilliance inside and out. The first thing to remember is to not allow the dead bugs, leaves, and bird droppings to accumulate. The chemicals from these bugs, leaves, and droppings can eat away at the paint on the car. If left on for too long, the damage can require sanding and repainting the area to properly correct.

The current mild weather is the perfect temperature to wash one’s car. When the weather is hot, the car’s body warms up. If a car’s body heats up, water and soap will evaporate quicker, leaving deposits and spots on the body of the car. Another recommended water use when washing your car yourself is to use the hose with no nozzle and rinsing from the top down. By removing the nozzle and rinsing the car from the top down, it prevents pooling of the water and helps to minimize hard water deposits on the paint.

After you have finished washing your car, make sure to dry it with a chamois or a soft terry towel. When using a chamois or towel, make sure to use enough to not be water-logged and dry by blotting. Pulling a towel while drying increases the chances of picking up dirt and debris, which could scratch the car’s paint. The worst method of drying the car is to allow it to air dry. When air drying, water marks may leave more spots and deposits as well.

If a person does not have the time to properly wash their car, MILES Auto Spa goes through the steps to proper wash, dry and detail your car to get ready for spring. Wash and dry services are available at their two locations, one on Bakers Bridge Avenue and the new MILES Express location at the corner of Mallory Lane and Mallory Station Road.

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