Detailing 101: Cleaning Windows

As the weather finally begins to warm up and winter’s grip allows for the Sunday drives to get a little bit longer, owners must get their cars cleaned up and ready to show off on Main Street. If you are going to show your car off, you need to make sure the interior is clean and the windows are clean enough for everyone to get a great view of your vehicles interior at MILES Auto Spa or in the comfort of your own driveway.

Cleaning your car’s glass is vital to both your cars look and its safety. For the best look, it is best to clean both the interior and exterior glass. When cleaning the interior, cleaners are being used to remove bodily oils, smoke residue, or the moisture from breathing inside the vehicle from the glass. For interior glass cleaning, a light degreaser is the recommended cleaner by the experts. Experts also say to clean your glass in the shade, since cleaning in direct sunlight can increase the likelihood of streaking.

While the interior glass requires a light degreaser, cleaning your exterior glass can be done while washing your car. You can remove smaller particles from your windshield by using a clay bar, a process we went over earlier in the series. One of the big issues on an average windshield is water marks. For faint water marks, you can use a distilled white vinegar solution, while deeper water mark etchings with a dedicated glass scrub.

MILES Auto Spa offers full service, inside-out car washes at their Market Exchange Court location. On a full service car wash, MILES vacuums your car’s interior, wipes down all surfaces, and cleans your windows both internally and externally. You can also add a la carte items to the full service car wash, or get them all included in the full service plus.

If you are unable to make it to MILES Auto Spa or don’t have the time for a full service wash, you can get an exterior wash at the Market Exchange Court location or at the new MILES Express on Mallory Station Road.