DeAngelis Diamond Celebrates 22nd Anniversary

DeAngelis Diamond

This month marks DeAngelis Diamond’s 22nd anniversary. In 1996, co-founders John DeAngelis and David Diamond had the idea to start a construction company that was distinctly different, one that was values led, with the intent to build lasting relationships. Today, it is an innovative, award-winning, construction management firm recognized nationwide for its growth and leadership within the industry.

At the foundation of DeAngelis Diamond lies seven core values: Integrity, Leadership, Faith in God, Honor to Build, Lasting Relationships, Excellence and Quality, and Healthy Environment and Culture.

“We prayerfully put together and wrote these values and this mission to develop authentic relationships and have a positive influence on everyone we meet,” John DeAngelis said. “We wanted to do something that wasn’t common. We wanted to change the tone of this particular industry, and by God’s grace, provision and the hardest-working team members in the industry, we were able to do that and it’s a really remarkable thing.”

When the company was founded there were over 300 construction companies in Southwest Florida.

“They didn’t just need another construction company,” David Diamond said. “There were a lot that were building well, but we thought there was something missing that we could do better than everyone else. That thing that we saw in the industry that was missing was meaningful relationships, so we wanted to create a company that built really great buildings, that was known for building really great buildings, but was also having a meaningful impact on people’s lives as we did it.”

DeAngelis Diamond is an innovative, award-winning, national construction management firm, specializing in commercial, multi-family and healthcare construction with more than 20 years of general contracting experience across the United States and in the Caribbean Islands. Headquartered in Florida, DeAngelis Diamond also has an office in Franklin, TN. DeAngelis Diamond has built over 20 multi-family facilities. It’s one of America’s fastest growing companies, according to Inc. 5000, with a tremendous growth rate over the past three years. DeAngelis Diamond’s mission is to develop authentic relationships and have a positive influence on everyone they meet. Visit for more information.