Daphne & the Mystery Machines Makes Belk Southern Musician Showcase

Franklin band, Daphne & the Mystery Machines, has been playing in and around Franklin for some time with a strong local following.  But when the opportunity came knocking for a chance to showcase their talents, they took the opportunity and it could pay off big time.

Daphne & the Mystery Machines is taking part in the Belk Southern Musician Showcase where bands from around the south come together for a competition.  The Southern Musician Showcase is open to solo artists and bands in the Americana, Pop, Pop Country, Blues and Bluegrass genres. Contestants were asked to submit three original songs, a brief biography that details their affiliation to the South, head shots, a full length photo, and a video.

On January 12th, Daphne & the Mystery Machines will be playing at the Earl in Atlanta for the semi-finals which could lead to playing in the finals in Charleston, South Carolina.

“We heard about the event thru CONNECT. It’s thru the company Reverb Nation. That’s where we list most of our public shows, and let people hear our music and see videos to get the feel for us, since we are still so new” says Daphne.

When we asked what made them want to  take part in the Southern Belk Showcase, Daphne told us “They signed us up for an artist development program and they will send us emails saying “x opportunity is available in your genre” and sometimes it intrigues us, and we will shoot out an application, sometimes it doesn’t line up with our goals. Generally speaking we try to steer clear of contests, but this one had a prize that lined up with our goals (festival tours, commercial, clothes and money? We need all of those things!)”

“So we said yes despite our deep anxiety about the whole “competition” scenario. Apples to oranges is always what music contests feel like when you are in one. How can you possibly say if a steak is as delicious as a blackberry, or a nice coffee cake? They are all so different and you love them all! How can you chose one?”

We asked if they were nervous about the semifinals. “We are absolutely excited about it, and were surprised about which songs they want us to perform… Even being considered is an honor to us. I’ve always been enamored by Belk’s bold business moves, especially in recent years, and we were ecstatic to be considered for their next bold marketing move,” said Daphne.

But now, they have caught the attention from others as well.  Recently named on the Muzooka’s 15 favorite artists of 2015. Muzooka described them  as “clear folk, Americana, pop influences, Daphne & The Mystery Machines are marked more so by their haunting harmonies, layered production and lyrical sincerity. We’re excited for this new project!”

We wish Daphne & the Mystery Machines well as they move on to the semi-finals. Keep checking back here for more updates. Daphne & the Mystery Machines is comprised of Daphne Culver, Jenn Palmer (of the Sugar Dames and Anthony Adams & the Nite Owls),Maria Kowalski (from Sage and the Saints, who Kristen Stewart of the twilight series directed their latest video) and Courtney Blackwell (from Honeyboy and Boots).

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