Late night cravings make you wish your favorite bakery was open?  Just in time for Christmas, Sprinkles announced on social media they are coming  to Nashville. Not only are they bringing their delicious cupcakes to town they are also bringing the famous cupcake ATM machine. Sprinkles will occupy the Becker’s Bakery location on 12th avenue.



What do Sharks and Grilled Cheese have to do with each other? They are both in Nashville! Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup just opened in Nashville with the help of Shark Tank.

Tom+Chee appeared on “Shark Tank” in May 2013, landing an investment deal with Corcoran. Today, Tom+Chee with just over 30 locations in 20 states has opened a location in Nashville at 6702 Charlotte Avenue. Check out the Tom+Chee Facebook page for hours of operation along with the latest updates.

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