It’s been a month now and Culver’s is simply not slowing down. You are met by an army of happy employees as you enter the lines at the counter, there was a line the entire time I visited. Thirty orders were taken on 4 cash registers in 10 minutes even though each family was undecided as they stepped up. The friendly and courteous staff is adept at helping you navigate the menu. They even offered to have a burger cut in half when the young couple only ordered one.


I was happy to see Pepsi products on tap, but tea and milk shakes wait if you are not a fan. The flavor of the day changes, so take a look at the television screens above you to find out daily specials. As I watched there were first timers and new regulars filing up to the counter. The drive through was very busy as well. Each order was carefully brought out to the table and smiles were served with every tray.

Christopher Goodwin was one of the managers that night and he explained it was “kind-of slow” compared to many of the evening dinner rushes. He let me know that every order is made fresh and nothing sits under lamps getting stale. He also told me that they have a great kid’s meal token that can be saved up for buying toys from their display case.

“We have a great staff and I think the kids that work here are awesome and make the difference.”

– David

If you have not experienced this delight in family dining you are truly missing out. The food was hot and fresh and served promptly to the table with a genuine smile from employees that are happy to see you and enjoy their jobs. David Craker, owner, has done a fine job of bringing us a place to enjoy with the entire family.

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Andrea Hinds
Andrea has always loved the written word. She holds a B.A. in Journalism and a Masters in Creative Writing, both from Belmont University. Both sides of her family have lived in Williamson County for generations, so writing for Williamson Source is the perfect fit. She loves to hear stories of what Williamson County was like when her parents and grandparents were young and to write about this ever evolving county is truly special for her.