Cul2vate Eyes Site In Franklin

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Cul2vate seeks to engage poverty at the point of hunger and deliver nutritional food to those who are hungry. Our work is founded upon two principles intertwined for the betterment of its farmers. The first is the most important – providing for the nourishment of the body and the soul! Through the food production in our “tunnels”, we are decreasing the food desert in Middle Tennessee by growing superior quality vegetables and increasing nutritional accessibility to those who are hungry. —

At the recent BOMA and Franklin Municipal Planning Commission Meeting, Cul2vate made their presentation to City of Franklin for a special use permit for the property at 1306 Academy Drive in Franklin. The property would be used for greenhouses and seasonal outdoor gardens to increase nutritional accessibility to the surrounding community. According to the proposal, they would like to line the 1.21 acres of land with a 4 plank wooden fence for 3- 100ft. x 25ft.  greenhouses and a supply building.

Cul2vate Project Brings Benefits To City of Franklin

According to the presentation, Cul2vate’s project brings many benefits to the City of Franklin:

  • Engages low-income areas with nutritional food, closing existing food gap
  • Creates access point for fresh food currently not available to that part of the city
  • Showcases Agriculture and creates awareness
  • Job/Skills Training
  • Job Placement
  • Job Creation

Who is Cul2vate?

Cul2vate is a Christian grassroots organization in Brentwood “birthed from the collective life experiences of individuals who God brought together under the call to engage those who are spiritually and physically hungry.” According to their website they are a 4 person team led by Executive Director , Joey Lankford and have a 9 person board. Their goals are simple enough: Feed people both physically and spiritually. Selected applicants from each community partner with them through a 6-month training program, which consists of learning life skills, agriculture techniques, business skills, and discipleship.

For more on Cul2vate visit their website. No immediate actions have been taken by the City of Franklin.

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