Crumbl Cookies’ New Brentwood Location is Now Open

Crumbl Cookies
photo by Donna Vissman

The Crumbl Cookies Brentwood store has moved to its new location and is officially open.

The store first opened at 18 Cadillac Drive back in 2019. They have relocated to Brentwood Place Shopping Center, located at 330 Franklin Road.

The store opened late last week to customers. You enter the store and place your order at a kiosk; then, the warm cookie magic begins behind the counter. Within a few minutes, you have your order.

Crumbl Cookies is a gourmet cookie store that offers fresh baked cookies with a rotating menu. They rotate four new cookie flavors each week, but chocolate chip and chilled sugar cookie is a mainstay.

This week’s rotating cookies menu includes milk chocolate chip, caramel apple, pumpkin roll, aggie blue mint, classic pink sugar, and peanut butter topped with M&M’s.

Store hours are Monday-Thursday 8 a – 10 pm, Friday- Saturday, 8 am-midnight, closed on Sunday with curbside pickup.


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Other locations for Crumbl Cookies in Tennessee include Franklin, Murfreesboro, Bellevue, Nashville, Smyrna, Hermitage, and Hendersonville.

About Crumbl Cookies

The very first Crumbl opened in Logan, UT while Sawyer was attending Utah State University (go Aggies) in 2017. Since then the franchise has expanded to over 50 locations in 11 states. Each continuing to spread warm, fresh, delicious cookies to Crumblrs everywhere.