Each month the Spring Hill Police’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID) presents a report of the crimes it investigated in the past month.

In February, SHPD’s CID had 58 cases assigned to it, compared to 37 in February 2016.

-The predominant crime investigated were theft-related offenses, with 18 reported; four of those being Identity Thefts.

-All Sex Offenders residing in the city are in compliance with the Sex Offender Registry

-CID was not assigned any background checks for the month of February.

Other crimes assigned to CID:

1 Aggravated Burglary
1 Solicitation of a Minor
2 Aggravated Domestic
1 Stalking
1 Aggravated Stalking
3 Vandalisms
1 Bad Check
11 Vehicle Burglaries
1 Child Abuse
11 Domestic Assaults
5 Frauds
1 Fraudulent use of a Credit Card
1 Harassment

-24 Cases assigned this month were felony related cases.

Narcotics Investigations:

There were 16 cases worked this month.

Cases closed include:
4 Sales Schedule 6 Marijuana (School Zone Violation)
2 Possession of Schedule II Crack Cocaine (37 GM’s)
4 Sale of schedule 2 Methamphetamine (School Zone Violation)
2 Sales of Firearm by Felon
2 Possession of Schedule II Methamphetamine
2 Federal case with Crystal Meth

These were some recent highlights, according to CID:

– This month SHPD Investigators assigned to the Maury County Drug Unit and the 22nd JDTF have been working on cases with a range of drugs. Investigators served search warrants that yielded 37 Grams of crack cocaine and netted several vehicles. Investigators also purchased weapons from a convicted felon who also sold Methamphetamines. Investigators are still buying large amounts of
marijuana in the city of Spring Hill. Search warrants will soon be executed.

-1/24/2017, CID responded to lot 239 on Stewart Campbell Point; home under construction for a report of a deceased subject. Upon arrival the deceased was lying on the ground outside the garage area. The deceased was a plumber on the job site. There were injuries to the deceased that were consisted with multiple scenarios that could have occurred on the job site. This case is still
under investigation. Through follow-up interviews during the month of February, it was determined that a roofer had accidently had materials roll off the roof and strike the deceased in the head killing him at that moment.

-SHPD ICAC Unit proactively conducted a peer to peer investigation on a subject in Lawrenceburg, TN. A search warrant was executed by SHPD detectives along with Lawrence County Deputies and the 22nd District Attorney’s Office. SHPD detectives seized a Computer Tower and got a confession from the suspect that he had been downloading Child Pornography.

Patrol Division

The Spring Hill Police Department in February:

-Performed 129 arrests

95 were male, 64 were female. 92 were white, 39 were black.

-Conducted 1,164 traffic stops

-Wrote 406 citations

-Conducted 782 property checks

-Responded to 9 Traffic Enforcement requests

-Performed 110 special traffic enforcement details.

-Responded to 67 accidents, with 8 injuries

60 of the accidents were property damage only seven of the accidents involved injuries, and none resulted in fatalities.



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