brentwood police crime

Theft was the only crime reported in the Brentwood Police Department’s crime analysis for the week ending Jan. 12.

Although the week was free of more serious offenses, the number of thefts in the city during that time was relatively high.

Three of the thefts in the report occurred when items were taken from the rooms of guests at the Mainstay Suites at 107 Brentwood Blvd. On Monday, Jan. 9, two guests had laptops stolen from their rooms. The following day a video game system was taken from a guest’s room. There are no suspects in these crimes.

A string of shoplifting thefts also occurred at the Best Buy on Galleria Boulevard over the past week. In two of those cases, the stolen items, game controllers in one instance, two cell phones in another, were recovered. The person who stole the cell phones was arrested. On Tuesday evening at the Best Buy two security systems were stolen, and two suspects left in a silver Infiniti.

There were more thefts from unlocked cars this week as well. Sometime between the night of Thursday, Jan. 5 and the morning of Friday, Jan. 6, a car on the 2300 block of Cecil Court and a car nearby on the 2300 block of Brookfield Court were broken into. Sunglasses, a knife and a Yeti brand mug were stolen in the first case, while sunglasses, a gift bag and another mug were stolen in the second. Police have no suspects in these thefts.