CPA Goes Undefeated into the Playoffs

Williamson County Football

By: Amber Pennycuff

The Lions have done it again.  CPA finished out 10-0, undefeated for the season and the purple-and-gold will move onto the playoffs.  The Lions took a big 35-13 win over Cascade (7-3, 2-3).  The Class AA-District 12 teams battled it out, but the Champs were no match for the clawing kings of the jungle.

Not even five minutes into the game Andrew Manuel was shot a cannon by QB Zack Weatherly for a TD, and three-minutes later, CPA was up 14-0.

JR Osborn was on fire as he ran in a TD for the Lions within the first quarter, and Spencer Hagan held down the fort to ensure an extra point.  Before halftime, the Lions were up 35-0.  Osborn trotted down the field to set up a TD for Max Pressley to seal off the fate with a little less than two minutes left in the half.

Cascade remained scoreless until the fourth quarter, when Creed Rose brought home a touchdown for the bright orange, but the extra point was zip and only minutes remained in the game.

The Champs completed their 13 for the night with an 18-yard TD and a little over a minute left in the game.

As soon as the match was finished, the grass seed was thrown abound and both teams gathered to pray together in mutual respect for love of the game.

Head Coach Ingle Martin says this game has given them a good position to prepare for the play-offs ahead.

“We are going to continue doing what we’ve done all season long.  That’s a big thing for us…just do what we do…trust the process…and hopefully get a little bit better every week.”

CPA remains at the top of Division 12, and it is projected that they will face White-House Heritage, hosting the game on home-turf.

The multi-talented Osborn told me he not only plays football, but soccer.  His fast moves on the field enabled a quick hand off to Will Whitaker in the first half to attempt a rushed in TD, but the play was stopped by a flag.  Osborn says he’s excited about going into the play-offs undefeated.

“We are really excited we get to play every single game here at home, which is really nice for the seniors.  They get to play on their home-field for the rest of their high-school career, and it’s just nice to have the fans here…the fans are great.”

The Williamson Source will keep you updated on the play-offs throughout the 2013 season, and the Lions throughout their journey.