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There was not one complaint about the rain as enthusiastic CPA theatre and visual art students explored the cultural phenomenon called New York City. From the early morning visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to the bright-as-day evening tour of Times Square, students took advantage of every opportunity to learn, experience, and reflect on one of America’s centers of artistic vibrancy.

The four-day itinerary offered combined and separate excursions for each group including four Broadway shows, the Modern Museum of Art (MOMA), the Met, guided tours of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Rockefeller Center, and St. Patrick’s Cathedral, a Chelsea Gallery Crawl, a walking tour of Central Park, and ended with a majestic view from the Empire State Building.

Among the 24 students on the trip, several had never visited the city. When asked how the trip may have changed them, one student replied, “This trip changed the way I think of myself in a sense that I am so, so small in an absolutely huge world, yet, something I create could have a large impact.” Another student observed, “Art is so much more powerful than I previously thought. Typically, I only watch and enjoy art for entertainment, but the art on this trip…really impacted me.”

Faculty, staff, and parents served as chaperones including Headmaster Nate Morrow and Artistic Director Paula Flautt, who also hosted a special dinner for CPA alumni living in the city. Among those alumni attending, along with many spouses, were Jon Thorson ’94, Kaytie Morris Eaton ’99, Grace Monger Aphinyanaphongs ’02, Olivia Patton Terrell ’06, Lizzy Orr Gauntt ’11, Mamie Heldman ’11, Caroline King ’11, Allie Hemmings ’12, Girault Seger ’13, Lydia Granered ’13, and Nathan Thomas ’15.

And the priceless experiences not included on the itinerary? The NYC classroom provided a transforming sense of wonder, the feeling of being a part of something larger, the impact of diversity of cultures, and the immersion in the world of professional visual and performing arts. The students can’t wait to return!

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