Spring Hill Police Cow found
credit- Spring Hill Police

In the early hours on Tuesday morning before sunrise, Spring Hill police posted a video of a cow taking a morning walk through a Spring Hill neighborhood.

But in having some, Spring Hill Police posted on Twitter, “Does anybody know what type of dog this is?”

Spring Hill Police continued by saying, “It went for a walk on Stewart Campbell PT. If this is your dog, give us a call, it’s staying at a temporary home for now.”

The video posted on Twitter has been viewed over 30,000 times.

Interestingly, the cow seemed to stay on the sidewalk as if surveying the neighborhood. The response to the Tweet were entertaining to say the least.

The Spring Hill Silo said, “Please return to on Main. When she says they’re never frozen, she means it”

In reply to the what type of dog, Gretchen Cordy tweeted, “Heifer-doodle?”

One commenter was in disbelief, Rick Woodward, said, “Guys, please tell me this is a joke”

We did reach out to the Spring Hill Police for an update on if the owner has been located. So far, we haven’t received an update.

UPDATE: Donna LeMay reached out to us with an update. LeMay said, “The PD helped move the cow to our Allen Farm behind Allendale elementary, and he joined a happy herd. They were all quite different then Mr black Angus was used too but they were still cows!”

She continued, “After a day of rest and grazing with his new friends, we moved him to the cow pens, then loaded him in his trailer. The Little steer traveled for 5 days and covered 5.7 miles on his journey. He is home safe with his herd now.”



  1. This is why I love having a home in TS/Spring Hill. There are still rolling hills, farms, and cows.

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