County Offices Move Towards Phased Reopening

williamson county seal

On April 2, the Governor issued a Stay at Home Executive Order, which remains in effect through April 30. That order will be lifted effective May 1, and Williamson County Offices will be moving toward a phased reopening of its offices, while continuing to do its part to assist in the protection of the health and safety of our citizens and employees.

For the duration of the Governor’s mandatory Stay at Home order (currently in effect through April 30), county offices will be open to the public on Tuesday and Thursday only, and only by appointment on those days.

Starting Monday, May 4, county office hours will expand to be open to the public on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week, still by appointment only to the extent possible. Employees will be available in each County office by phone and email on Wednesdays and Fridays, but will not be conducting in-person business during this time. The county will reevaluate this process each week, with the goal (subject to change depending upon available data) of having County offices fully open by Monday, June 1.

Offices that deal with time sensitive filings, such as the County Trustee and Register of Deeds, have secured drop boxes placed at the west entrance of the County Administrative Complex. On each weekday, including the days that the offices are closed to the public, items placed in the dropbox prior to 4:30 will be stamped in as of that business day. Items placed after that time will be stamped in (or receipted, as applicable) as of the following business day.

For the month of May, any business that can be conducted by phone, electronically, or by mail should continue to be conducted in that manner rather than in person. Each office should strictly enforce that practice, so that only those activities that cannot be conducted in an alternative manner will be conducted in person. This directive shall not apply to the buildings where judicial functions are conducted (including the courthouse, judicial center, and juvenile court) or to the jail, but special rules may apply to the operations in those buildings by virtue of orders of the Tennessee Supreme Court and/or directives of the Presiding Judge of the 21st Judicial District issued pursuant to the Supreme Court Orders, and/or directives of the Williamson County Sheriff. For those activities that must be performed in person, each office will develop a process for making appointments or otherwise controlling access to allow for social distancing, and will announce that to the public. In addition to posting on the County’s website, signage at the external doors to county buildings will provide relevant information as well. Each public official or department’s website will include the number to call to make an appointment and what to do when the public comes to the building.

Entry to the building will be limited to the front door and one other external door. Doors will remain locked with entry controlled by law enforcement present at the Administrative Office Complex. Patrons may be asked to wait outside or in a hallway with appropriate spacing until their turn to be served in order to facilitate social distancing. Signage will be posted directing patrons.

Members of the public are asked to wear courtesy masks when conducting business in County facilities for their own safety and the safety of fellow citizens and our employees.

We thank our citizens for your patience as we transition through the month of May with the hope of being back to full operation by June.