County Not Performing Marriage Ceremonies

no marriage ceremony

As of July 1, Williamson County will no longer be performing marriage ceremonies.

Licenses are still available from the county clerk’s office, but couples are not able to officiate the marriage at the Williamson County administrative complex. Couples wanting to get married right away will have to go to Davidson or another surrounding county to have a ceremony performed, or find another way to perform a private ceremony.

County Mayor Rogers Anderson was not available for comment on the issue.

The fee for a marriage license in Williamson County is $100 without a pre-marital counseling certificate and $40 with a pre-marital counseling certificate.

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  1. This is ridiculous. IF you’re going to NOT perform marriages because the legalization of gay marriage is a sin, then you should have never ever performed divorces, since that’s a sin against traditional marriage too.

  2. I lived in Williamson County years sgo, so I have nothing to do with this decision.But, I do have plenty to say. What is ridiculous is that opponents to the legalization of gay marriage are expected to just automatically allow the violation their own constitutional right to Freedom of Religion, and what their belief tells them to participate in or not participate in.

  3. What a bunch of idiots. Throwing a temper tantrum like a 2 year old. Don’t worry, it won’t last. After a time out, they will be back to performing marriage ceremonies. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  4. As a ten year resident of Williamson county, I am embarrassed by this, and hope that the Clerk of the Court has a damn good explanation for her behavior. This is completely irresponsible of those who are sworn to uphold their duties to the people of this county, ALL of the people. Residents of Williamson county should not have to go to another county to get married, nor seek out private services when public ones should be available to them. Wake up, Williamson!! We have an incredible county, recognized nationwide for it’s quality of life. Don’t go narrow minded and backwards on us, now!

  5. If you are unable or unwilling to do your job, resign and let someone who is capable do the job.

  6. You are a secular agent of the state. A mail carrier has to deliver mail to every house even if he doesn’t agree with the package or or what the owner of the house believes. Do your job.

  7. Bigots. Hypocrites. They’ll do divorces but not marriages,in case some are same gender. What a bunch of two faced losers.

  8. I am gay and if they don’t want to marry couples that’s fine. While I am disappointed at their decision, at least they are stopping them across the board and not just for one. All the folks in the clerks office are great people and are doing there jobs by issuing the licenses. While they are authorized to perform weddings, they are not required by law to do so. Up till now that has been an added service that they provided. I do not look down on them for this.

  9. Although the timing is bad. There could be a good reason that has nothing to do with the law. Such as money, time etc. A lot of States have a waiting period. So you can’t get married the same day. (This is done to do a check to make sure neither of you are married). Like I said the timing looks bad, but this might have been in the works for months…

  10. The Clerks Office is busy. Doing weddings takes up time that you the tax payer have to pay. Do you want a tax increase so the Clerks Office can hire someone full time just to do marriages? If you look across the Middle TN area you will find only one Clerks Office still doing weddings. Most stopped years ago. It is not a service that the Clerks Office has to do. They will sell you the license and you can get a Judge or someone else marry you. Get off the Clerks Office for slim lining their department and saving tax payers money.

  11. I was born in Williamson County back in 1943 and remain a williamson county resident. I am so embarrassed by all the new residents with their liberal ways. As far as the county’s new policy, I am proud of them for making a decision that runs parallel with biblical scripture.

  12. This is just sad. People lost, and so now their mantra is “If I can’t have my way, then nobody can!”. Are we really going to act like toddlers in this situation? How is it good, just, or fair to demand that everyone be miserable because one group of people can’t act like adults?

  13. next County Clerk Election – May 2018 primary, August 2018 general.
    Elaine Anderson ran unchallenged in both last year.

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