County Mayor Shares Positive Growth in Williamson County

Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson was introduced to a packed house at the Williamson, Inc., “2015 State of the County Address” on Tuesday afternoon. The event, held at the Franklin Marriott Cool Springs, was sponsored by Williamson Medical Center.

Matt Largen, President of Williamson, Inc. opened the meeting thanking sponsors and showed a video recap of the new Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Williamson Medical Center. Largen commented during his remarks that at the ribbon cutting of the hospital his daughter asked him, “What do you do Daddy?”

Largen asked Laura Howard to take the stage and introduce Mayor Anderson. Howard is one of Anderson’s three children and as he quipped after her introduction, “I have two sons and a daughter. And I know who will be taking care of me during my older years.”

Howard shared the many outstanding accomplishments of her father’s life and spoke of the Mayor’s deep faith and love of family. “To his nine grandchildren, the Mayor is known as PaPaw.”

FullSizeRenderWith that Mayor Anderson took the stage to a standing ovation and roaring cheer of support from the audience. First, the Mayor congratulated Vanderbilt on their recognition as the number one hospital in Tennessee.

He then began sharing thanks for the dedication and new faces making up county leadership through the service of the councilman serving. In addition, Anderson thanked Leonard Jones who has served the county for forty plus years and is retiring at the end of July.

Below is a bullet point summary of the Mayor’s address:

  • The population of each community in Williamson County is as follows: over 40,000 reside in Brentwood; 8,100 live in Fairview; 67,000 live in Franklin; 7,900 residents in Nolensville; 32,000 in Spring Hill; 2,900 in Thompsons Station and 42,492 in unincorporated Williamson County.
  • Ranked as the tenth best place to retire, Williamson County has seen a shift in the millennial population surpassing the baby boomers. Over the next ten years the largest growth in the population will be the seniors 65 and over.
  • Number one school system in the state. “A county north of us wants him but we want to keep him,” Mayor Anderson expressed as he thanked Dr. Looney for his leadership and value to the community. At which point the entire room gave Dr. Looney a standing ovation.
  • 200,000 vehicles were registered in Williamson County
  • Retail growth at CoolSprings Galleria, and this one cost the Mayor “6 gift cards for my granddaughters at the new American Girl Store.”
  • 182 new businesses start up per month.
  • Park Avenue and Franklin Synergy brought attention to our county on Wall Street by going public on the stock exchange.
  • Williamson County comes in fourth just behind Knox County with assessed values in the 2014 report.
  • With a 4.1 jobless rate, Williamson County has the lowest unemployment rate in Tennessee. Ranking fifth highest in the United States, the county had a 6.1 % employment increase.
  • Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Williamson Medical opened with a prediction that there would be 21 emergency pediatric visits and the facility has already exceeded this volume.
  • The opening of Columbia State in the next month
  • With the total budget, we have one of the lowest property taxes in the state.
  • Nolensville Recreation Center has been re-purposed and is packed with residents enjoying the facility.
  • New Timberland Park off Natchez Trace, with an additional 200 acres of walking trails alongside the park.
  • Goose Creek to house Fire Station #14 and Anderson thanked the City of Franklin for securing a new station off Peytonsville Road.
  • The Enrichment Center and theater in Franklin; expansion of College Grove Elementary and the Fairview Public Library, and funding of two new schools, Mill Creek Elementary and Middle Schools in Nolensville.
  • National Scenic and Historical Trail, sixty miles of trail development along Timberland Park.
  • Capital items: Public safety, law enforcement and fiber network community network underway to protect residents.
  • Modern and efficiency upgrading Williamson County Schools.
  • Williamson County Animal Center has a 95% save rate of animals in their facility.

IMG_0296Looking ahead, the next four years “We need to address our criminal justice facility, separating juvenile facilities from adult; election focus, parks and recreation increases, continue maintaining county and schools,” Mayor Anderson said.

One of the most important issues Williamson County will address in a study of traffic mitigation summit, “Williamson Moves.” Anderson explained “Doug Hood will be meeting and trying to secure a resolution of the traffic issues, and find solutions.” Hood is the former Parks and Rec Director.

In closing his remarks the Mayor reminded everyone about WILD coming up, the Williamson County Fair is a short time away and he asked everyone to come out and enjoy the fair.

Visit Williamson, Inc. for more information on upcoming events.

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