controlled burn

On Saturday morning the Williamson County Fire and Rescue Squad (WCFRS) will do a controlled burn.

A house, at 4650 Route 6 in Thompson’s Station off of U.S. 31, was donated and it will be burned to help train new volunteers.

WCFRS will be setting up bleachers so people can watch the training.

“Members from WCRS, WFR, Station 16, Station 19 and Station 28, working together in training to serve the residents in Williamson County when the call for help is needed,” the squad posted on its Facebook page.

“This house was going to be demolished by the home owner and instead of being torn down and placed in a dumpster our guys are able to use it for live training,” J Will Pewitt, one of the county’s volunteer firefighters, said.

“Before that happens though we are required by EPA and the state to remove all hazards. We use pallets and straw to start the fires. The glass windows and doors are removed and we hang plywood over them so they will swing open in case of an emergency.”

Williamson County Fire and Rescue posted the following pictures of volunteer firefighters preparing the home for the controlled burn.




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