Saturday, District 4 County Commissioner Gregg Lawrence announced in a public letter that he will be supporting fellow District 4 commissioner Kathy Danner’s nomination of Laurie Cardoza-Moore for District 4 interim school board member.

In his letter, Lawrence outlined the qualities he sought in choosing a nominee for the District 4 interim seat on the Williamson County Board of Education. He also outlined his reasons for choosing to back Cardoza-Moore which included her understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a school board member, her experience as the president of a nonprofit organization, and her familiarity with Williamson County Schools.

Lawrence also addressed concerns raised by residents about Cardoza-Moore’s well-publicized stance against the construction of an Islamic Center in Murfreesboro:

Lawrence Letter part 3

Commissioners Lawrence and Danner plan to announce their nomination of Cardoza-Moore at the September 14 meeting of the County Commission where the matter will be brought to a vote by the full commission. A candidate requires approval by 13 out of the 24 county commissioners to be appointed to the interim position on the Board of Education. There are currently a total of 7 candidates, any of whom may be nominated by any member of the commission. County commissioners can be contacted by constituents wishing to express thoughts on the matter.

Whomever is confirmed as the interim board member will serve until August 2016 when district-wide elections for the position will be held. If appointed as an interim member, Cardoza-Moore has expressed plans to run in that election next year.

The next County Commission meeting takes place September 14 at 7:00 PM at the Williamson County Administrative Complex and is open to the public.

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