Country Artists Share Christmas Memories

1. Laine Hardy

Laine Hardy
photo from Laine Hardy Facebook

“Christmas is always a big deal at my house,” says Laine. “We are in Louisiana, so there is always tons of great food.  My favorite memories are from when I was little, waking up on Christmas morning and seeing all the presents under the tree and having all of my family around.”

2. Justin Moore

Justin Moore
photo from Justin Moore Facebook

“Our family is usually at home in Arkansas for the holidays. The kids get to open lots of presents and we have a ton of food, but it’s always pretty low-key. We usually take a vacation over the New Year’s holiday, but I’m not sure that will be possible this year.”

3. Chris Bandi

Chris Bandi
photo by Midtown Motion

“My favorite Christmas memory was getting to go to New York City last year for my birthday and the holidays. I had always wanted to see the city at Christmas time and my girlfriend surprised me with the trip! It was incredible to see how beautiful all the lights and decorations were! It makes me want to go back every year!”

4. Dillon Carmichael

Dillon Carmichael

“I remember being a kid and trying to sleep on the couch because I wanted to catch Santa Clause trying to put the presents under the tree. My mom wouldn’t let me so I stayed up all night in my room listening for Santa Clause.”

5. Clare Dunn

Clare Dunn
photo from Clare Dunn Facebook

“Looking back, my favorite memory/tradition growing up on the farm/ranch was doing chores, taking care of cattle and our horses Christmas morning, knowing that THAT day, we’d get to open presents after chores were done.”

6. Logan Mize

Logan Mize
photo from Logan Mize Facebook

“One of my favorite holiday memories is when my cousin and I were 16 and we scraped all our Christmas money together and bought a $300 Ford Van. I drove it home and my dad called me a moron. I’ve loved vans ever since.”

7. John Berry 

John Berry

“One of my favorite Christmas memories and traditions is when Robin and I were raising our children, every year on Christmas Eve we would have friends and family over to our farm and we would load up all the kids, kids of all ages, on our haywagon and take them for a hayride, being pulled by our big red tractor. We’d go all around the farm and down the dirt road and back and circle around the old apple orchard with everybody singing and laughing and just having a wonderful time.”

“We will eventually end up on top of the hill in the pasture where some of the dads had gone over ahead of time to build a big bonfire on the hilltop. The kids would all jump off the Haywagon and run to the bonfire and we’d roast marshmallows and make S’moore’s, sing songs, tell stories, and enjoy being together.”

“As the evening would go on, we would all gather around the fire and someone would read the Christmas story to us all out of the Bible. And then we would go around the circle and everyone would have an opportunity to tell what they were grateful for that year. There were so many things. Some of them were those life moments that you never forget, the birth of new little ones, soldiers coming home from war, new jobs, and careers. And there were little accomplishments from glowing smiling children’s faces and hearts that meant so much. It was a special time for all of us. This Christmas we get to help our son and his wife with their sweet newborn daughter begin their own Christmas traditions. I can’t wait to see where this story goes…”

8. Jeannie Seely 

Jeannie Seely
photo from Jeannie Seely Facebook

“The year I was living in California…. went and bought a real Christmas tree and drove home with it in the passenger seat of my MGA ROADSTER with the top down!! It was hilarious… and certainly turned heads! Wish I could find the photo!”