Consumer Fireworks Cause New Year’s Eve House Fire

Consumer Fireworks Cause New Year's Eve House Fire

Franklin, TN – Consumer fireworks caused a New Year’s Eve house fire in The Highlands at Ladd Park subdivision, according to Franklin Fire Investigator Will Farris.

Firefighters were dispatched to the two-story, single-family home on Rich Circle around 11:45 p.m.

Farris said approximately one hour earlier the homeowner had fired a firework. He then soaked it in water and discarded it in the outside trash receptacle, which was on the driveway beside the house.  One hour later when the homeowner went to take the trash out, he discovered the receptacle was on fire, with flames extending to the exterior of the home.

Farris said the homeowner used a garden hose on the fire, which helped to prevent it from spreading. The blaze was nearly out when firefighters arrived. They completed extinguishment and assisted with smoke removal from the home.

Farris pointed out that a similar scenario caused a 4th of July house fire.  “In both cases, the homeowners used fireworks, doused them with water, then threw them away in outside garbage containers.  In both cases, it didn’t take long for fire to ignite and spread to the exterior of the homes.  Both homeowners were very fortunate that the fires were discovered early and that no one was hurt.”

Farris estimated the damage at $3,000.

***Consumer fireworks are prohibited in Franklin.***

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