Franklin Mountain Biking Trail System

Construction will begin soon on the City of Franklin’s first Mountain Biking Trail System in Cool Springs. In November the City entered into an agreement with Gateway Mosby Cool Springs, LLC (Mosby Cool Springs Apartments) to build and maintain a Mountain Bike Trail System on approximately 4.72 acres of beautiful, mature wooded hilltop area on property known as The Standard at Cool Springs subdivision. The agreement is part of the city’s Parkland Impact Fee. Mosby Cool Springs, owned and developed by Middleburg, will fund a portion of trail design, construction and engineering, maintenance and utilities and water.

“We are very excited to be building the first mountain bike trail in the City of Franklin Parks System,” said Parks Director Lisa Clayton. “Franklin residents will enjoy this new outdoor entertainment right in the heart of our city and won’t have to drive long distances to get there. The partnership with Mosby Cool Springs to create and maintain this mountain trail system through Parkland dedication is a great asset for our citizens.”

“Middleburg is committed to enhancing the communities in which we live and work and see the creation of this challenging, exciting mountain bike trail as a unique and convenient amenity for not just our property but for the whole community,” said Middleburg Partner, Duane Wooldridge.

The trail system will include a beginner and intermediate trails and eventually adjoin the Columbia State property. Outdoor Encounter a local non-profit will manage the trail project which will be designed and built by Progressive Bike Ramps. Eventually, the Parks Department plans to expand the trail over more adjacent properties to cover 8 acres and approximately four miles of trails in the next three years.

“We always consider it a privilege to work within a partnership like this,” said Rebecca Wynd, Founder/Director, Outdoor Encounter, Inc. “Utilizing our natural and professional resources to create a space that will benefit the community is always rewarding. We look forward to building this trail and any additional connections in the future.”

Construction of the first segment of the trail will begin in March.