Williamson County Schools could build up to 21 schools in the next decade to accommodate the continuing influx of new students.

The first of those to arrive will be a K-8 school in Thompson’s Station, which began site work in August.

About six months into the $38.7 million project, being built by Biscan Construction, a skeleton of a school has begun to rise up on the site south of Critz Lane at 2436-2438 Clayton Arnold Road.

If the project continues on schedule, the school should be open by August 2018.

As for which students will attend these news school is still not determined, however a rezoning is around the corner according to the WCS board.

The district has yet to name the schools.

Back in 2015, the Williamson County Commission approved an intent to fund the school. In the fall it released the bonds for the money to keep construction on schedule.

According to the WCS five-year capital projects report for 2015-2020, the district still needs just shy of $200 million for new school construction during the next four years for five schools.

Williamson County Schools Superintendent Dr. Mike Looney recently announced the district anticipates 20,000 new students during the coming decade.