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Kitchen Renovation Designed By Carlton Edwards Architecture
Getting started on a custom building project is major undertaking for everyone involved. The first wave of frustration and stress is usually doled out to the homeowner. In addition to having to deal with the fact that part of their home is about to be demolished, they also have to prepare for a small army of construction workers to invade what’s left of their living space. Even small projects require contractors, designers, builders, and interior designers.

Craig Huseby, owner of Huseby Homes and L J Huseby & Company Exteriors, has spent the last 20 years helping homeowners complete custom building projects. From renovation to new construction, repair jobs and even hi-rise build-outs — Huseby has learned a lot along the way. He says just the thought of having to organize the entire construction process is enough to scare homeowners into postponing or even canceling important projects. That’s why Huseby has made it his mission to help them get from point A to point B by successfully identify potential challenges before they occur so that they may enjoy the building process.

Completing a “Design Build” is one of the ways Huseby keeps everyone, from the homeowner to the subcontractors and everyone in between, on the same page. Traditionally, a Design Build is a method where there is one team or firm contracted for a specific home remodel or new construction. However, some companies recommend a hybrid model that differs in that the architect and Builder are not from the same company or firm. The Owner gets all the benefits of a team that is working together early on to ensure that their goals are met while retaining two Owner advocates that are contracted separately and both held individually accountable for their contributions. Huseby says that one of the major and initial benefits is that the process helps the architect accurately design to the specified Owner budget.

Huseby isn’t the only one who’s convinced this procedure is highly effective. Matt Zink, an architect with Carlton Edwards Architecture, has worked with Huseby on a number of different projects. Zink says that having a Design Build allows everyone involved to have a voice in what happens and when.

“There are a lot of advantages for the homeowner with the main being there is seamless integration of design and construction early in the process,” said Zink. “At Carlton Edwards, we often employ a hybrid version of this, where we involve a contractor early in the design process to help find efficiencies that impact both the time and budget on a project.”

New Home Designed By Carlton EdwardsBoth Huseby and Zink share the ultimate goal heading into every new project is to be take the time to methodically plan the project during the pre-construction period in order to be as cost-effective as possible all while exceeding the homeowner’s expectations when it comes to quality. The “Design Build Hybrid” is just one of many options and practices he has utilized in his two decades of serving homeowners that produce consistent customer satisfaction.
Both of Huseby’s companies, Huseby Homes and L J Huseby & Company, recently received the highest ranking of any Nashville-based company in the “Top 500” national firms by Qualified Remodeler. He has also been recognized as one of the Top 50 national firms by Remodeling magazine largely for his exceptionally high customer satisfaction ratings by third party surveys. If you are considering a home remodel project or new build, give Huseby a call. Let him take on the task of hiring an Architect and Builder early in the process may be your best choice if you are looking for a good construction experience.